Private One on One sessions tailored to you and your dog

Settling in sessions

Running her own popular puppy classes for more than 7 years, and experience working inside rescue centres, and with the homeless and their dogs, Louise is perfectly placed to help you welcome your new addition.Whether you are bringing home a rescue dog or a puppy into your home, it can be reassuring to have someone holding your hand through the process.
A session like this is designed to make sure you can ask all the questions you need and to get you off to the very best start.
A typical session might cover topics such as sleeping arrangements, toilet training, nutrition, breed specific advice, behavioural prevention, including watching out for nervous, excitable or anxious tendencies. It is totally tailored around the dog and their individual set up. With a new puppy it is worth doing this a couple of days after arrival, with a rescue dog, please get in touch to discuss.
Each session will usually last 1.5 hours and will take place in your home. Personalised notes will be sent via email within a week.
Investment: £175

Tailored One on One Sessions

Learn how to nurture and teach your dog to maintain a close bond, improve behaviour, and create a great companion to live with happily.
These sessions can focus on recall, learning to walk on the lead, creating good manners, house training and chewing, teaching your dog to focus and making sure your dog is happy.
Suitable for any owner who is looking for specific assistance with their dog for any type of issue – from aggression, fear and anxiety to over excitability, nipping, separation anxiety, jumping up or creating harmony between children and dogs.
Every dog, family, situation and environment is different. There are no set time scales or amount of sessions required. Packages / discounts are not offered as Louise believes that every dog is unique and so is their journey to move forward.
Sessions can be carried out in the dog’s home or local park depending on the work required.
Investment starts at £200 for a 1.5-2hr session in your home.

Follow-on sessions such as park meet ups, stooge dog sessions for reactive dogs, training on the street or in the home are priced from £120 – 150 ph onwards.


There are currently not any Nurturing One on One Sessions available.