Choosing the Right Dog


“I can’t recommend Louise enough she went above and beyond in helping
me and my dog and is such a genuinely great energy for me to be around. From training and teaching to care and building a routine and relationship,
she was vital in making my new life as a dog owner work”



Deciding to bring a dog into your household is a huge commitment. Doing it with patience, research, and professional advice can help you make the right decision.

This will be the one time you can choose a member of your family.

If you are thinking about bringing a puppy into your life, Louise can help you work out which kind of dog would be right for you, advising on timing, choosing a reputable breeder, home set-up – even doing some of the leg work for you.

Through her close working relationships with rehoming charities and their rehoming managers, plus her own experience with foster dogs, Louise can help you find the best rescue or second-hand dog for your lifestyle.

Initial consultancy

For a one-hour email consultation or phone-call to look at your lifestyle, any changes that need to be made, potential breeds to research and advice on areas to consider before taking on a dog. This is a good starting point whilst still in that decision-making phase.

Initial email  or phone interview, breed research, industry advice, and next steps.

Fee: £120

Choosing the right dog for your family

After a one-hour phone call (or face to face with additional fee) to discuss and decide on the right path for you and your future dog, Louise will undertake research to be able to provide you with up to five breeders with litters that may suit your requirements. Or, if looking for a rescue dog, Louise will commence research and come back to you with potential options to consider that she feels will meet your criteria. Each option will be explained in detail as to why it may be suitable for you.

Every home is different so no search is the same. It can take hours, days or weeks. Searches can be fruitful in around one month if advice is taken and potential owners are open to being flexible.

One month of research including a one-hour phone call, email and phone contact on a weekly basis, with additional support offered when going to view litters, dogs, or puppies if required.

Fee: £350 per month

Supplementary assistance can be provided and discussed for more in-depth help with viewing dogs, meeting breeders, assessing dogs for adoption, etc.

Please note, if I do not think you currently offer a home or lifestyle suitable for a dog or puppy, I reserve the right to decline to work with you at this time.