Children and dogs

“Louise’s sessions have a really positive focus which makes it so much fun”
Jessie Ware.


Louise is an expert in working with families and dogs to help them prepare for the arrival of a new member of the household.

If you are expecting or adopting a child, or would like to help prep your child to get a dog, or to try resolve any issues that have affected the harmony in the house.

Louise has spent four years raising her son to live with and care for her beloved deaf bulldog. Now living with a rescue giant breed and two children under the age of four, Louise is well-versed in the joy that can come when children and dogs respect each other.

With bites to children on the rise, it is crucial to understand dogs’ needs and how boundaries can be created whilst maintaining a loving relationship.

The benefits of children owning dogs is well-documented but in order for that relationship to last and blossom, taking the time and effort to understand it can reduce and prevent incidents.

Sessions can be tailored around your home and set up.

Preparing for a child’s arrival session lasts 1.5hrs and is in your home. It is advisable to do this from as early as possible, whether adopting, through surrogacy or being pregnant.

Investment: £175

Follow on sessions are charged at £120 per hour or £30 per 15 minutes if taking place on the phone or by email.

Tailored sessions for children to learn about their dog can be done in your home using child’s role play and toys. These sessions are great for children who are struggling to understand boundaries around the dog or if the dog is starting to show signs of struggling / being wary of the children. Suitable for 2.5yrs upwards. Please call or email to discuss further.


There are currently not any Children and Dogs available.