About Louise


‘Louise eased us into those first tricky weeks where we didn’t quite
know what we were doing, and it made us super-confident and chilled with Luna. Louise is an angel.’

Caitlin Moran.


Louise Glazebrook is a dog behaviourist and trainer based in London.

Through tailored one-to-one sessions, puppy classes, adult focus classes, workshops, and bespoke problem-solving, Louise uses interactive, fun, and effective methods to create a happy and positive relationship between you and your dog.

Living and working in London, Louise believes city dogs and their owners face a unique set of challenges to those elsewhere. Her approach ensures owners truly understand their dogs so they can both get the best out of everyday life in the capital.

Working with families across the city, solo dog owners, and high-profile clients, Louise has a wealth of experience. As a Senior Trainer with the Dogs Trust she has worked with youth offenders and homeless dog owners, and has a background in grooming and rehabilitating dangerous dogs. Louise has also undertaken a period of intensive study in India with renowned trainer John Rogerson.

Projects have included preparing a dog and its family for the arrival of a new baby, helping children with intellectual disabilities care for their dog, finding new homes for foster dogs, and matching up the right puppy or rescue dog with its forever family.

At the heart of Louise’s approach is a commitment to make sure dogs and owners thrive together, not just co-exist.

Louise has appeared as the dog behaviourist and consultant on BBC1’s The One Show and ITV’s This Morning, Sky News, and BBC2’s Six Puppies and Us (2015) and Choose the Right Puppy for You (2016), and Ten Puppies and Us (2017).

Louise lives in East London with her husband, two children aged 3yrs and 5yrs old, a rescue Great Dane called Fred, Lemon the cat (she found living in a mattress), and an inherited Tortoise called Walter.

How Louise works:

I believe in using affection, fun, and clear boundaries as a way to improve behavior.

I always treat your dog like it is my own: with love and warmth.

No dog is the same, each have their own journey.

I am realistic; I know there is a difference between my ideal and your everyday life in terms of training and behaviour.

Every type of behaviour has a reason behind it, I like to understand why before I help solve the problem in the longterm.

My unique approach is based on my own hands-on experience.

I can’t do all the work for you, but I’ll make sure you have all the skills to create a strong and positive relationship with your dog.

I want the very best for you and your dog. However, sometimes there are limits – you can rely on me to always be honest and open about these.